So you’re thinking about going on vacation but the cost is a little prohibitive. Why not staycation instead? Here are five great reasons why opting to stay home can be just as much fun as heading out of town. Plus, you’ll save yourself some money in the process! Dreamy beaches and towering mountains might have to wait, but here are five reasons to give staycation a try.

1. Save money on travel costs

The idea of spending a few nights in an affordable place to get away from it all is really tempting, don’t you think?  According to online research, the average cost for going on vacation when taking into account everything that goes into travel expenses like plane tickets and hotel stays ranges anywhere between $3251. But what if instead, we found one cozy local spot where our entire stay only came out about 400 bucks! That means 8x less than before which will allow me (and others) to afford to have their own “staycation” every other month – sounds great right?!

2. Spend time with family and friends

What’s better than a relaxing vacation with your loved ones? A fantastic local staycation! And you don’t even need to leave the comfort of home. With RentMyBnB, finding that perfect spot is easy and can help make any occasion unforgettable – whether it be an anniversary or birthday celebration at one special place while enjoying each other’s company in another city on Christmas Eve…or just spending quality time together during weekly film night as I did last week when my friend brought over some snacks from The Pizza Joint (my favorite!). There are so many options available nowadays such as RentMyBnB which has bedrooms & bathrooms available for travelers alike.

3. Relax and recharge your batteries

One of my favorite things to do when the stresses in life become too much is get away, fast. I need time for me and my spouse with no distractions or responsibilities outside our own little world just so we can relax without being reminded about all that needs to be done at home! A local staycation spot usually does wonders because it gives you an escape from everything but doesn’t take a long residency- which means if there are any issues while on vacation then they will still likely find themselves back in reality sooner rather than later.

4. Explore your own city or town

I have lived in the same metro area for the last 20 years, and previous to that time I usually lived in the area for a few years then moved on.  Since I like to explore a lot it is intriguing to me to see more of the richness of the area where I live.  It helps me have a deeper appreciation for the local area and keeps me excited about staying here for another 20 years.

5. Keeping money in your local economy helps your area.

Money once again, with the cost of gas being what it is, and the plethora of distractions that can take your money away. I like the security of knowing that I can save a lot of money with my travel and have an amazing time all in my backyard.  This also helps my local economy keep more dollars circulating here and helps all the local business owners benefit from my dollars spent right in my backyard.  To me, it’s always better to help small local businesses thrive since they create 80% of the jobs in the economy.


You don’t have to take a trip to the beach in order to enjoy some time off. There are plenty of activities that you can do right in your own town or city, and they may even be cheaper than taking a vacation! The best part about staying home is that you won’t need to spend money on travel costs, gas money, or any other expenses associated with traveling. Other benefits include spending more quality time with family and friends, getting much-needed relaxation so you can recharge your batteries for the next week at work, exploring new parts of your town/city which means keeping more money in your local economy rather than sending it outside of the community. These are just five reasons why booking an overnight staycation with RentMyBnB is the best option for you.


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